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Real Avid has put together the margin boosting Dealer Pack as the easiest way to get best selling AR15 and Pistol maintenance items into your store. Our platform specific tools, cleaning, maintenance and education products help you boost margins and average ring, while appealing to both first time and experienced users. The Real Avid Dealer Pack includes 10% off dealer pricing, grid and pegs to display items, marketing signage, and shipping delivered directly to your storefront for only $1,025.

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery time.

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AR15 Display Pistol Display
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AR15 Maintenance

AVAR15FSA813119011467AR15 Front Sight AdjusterTrap Clam6$9.99
AVGTPROAR813119011535Gun Tool Pro - AR15Clam6$49.99
AVMICROAR15813119011757Micro Tool - AR15Trap Clam6$19.99
AVAR15R813119011399AR15 Field GuideTrap Clam6$9.99
AVAR15S813119011382AR15 ScraperTrap Clam6$19.99
AVGCKAR15813119011405Gun Boss - AR15Clam3$29.99
AVAR15SM813119011955AR15 Smart MatClam3$19.99
AVAR15CP813119011450AR15 Star Chamber Cleaning PadsTrap Clam6$12.99

Pistol Maintenance

AV1911SW8131190117711911 Smart WrenchTrap Clam6$9.99
AVGTPRO813119011498Gun Tool ProClam6$34.99
AVPSTL813119011788Pistol ToolClam6$39.99
AVMICRO1911813119011764Micro Tool - 1911Trap Clam6$9.99
AV1911R8131190118631911 Field GuideTrap Clam6$9.99
AVGCK310-P813119011672Gun Boss - Pistol Cleaning KitClam3$19.99
AVUHGSM813119012037Handgun Smart MatClam3$14.99
AVGBPROPCT813119011931Gun Boss Pro - Precision Cleaning ToolsLabeled3$19.99

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